Keymat's YALOS Diamond: world's most expensive LCD TV

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Thomas Ricker
September 4, 2006 10:09 AM
Keymat's YALOS Diamond: world's most expensive LCD TV

So, you thought the 103-inch Plasma from Panasonic carried a bit of heft around the price tag, eh? Well check out this $130,000 YALOS Diamond LCD TV from Keymat. Now, just forget everything you thought was important when measuring the value of a good LCD panel -- you know: brightness, contrast ratio, response, pixel resolution, and so on -- those measurements are for fools, boy. As any self-righteous heiress knows, a good TV must feature a white gold plating and at least 160 diamonds totaling to a minimum of 20 carats. Think differently and you might just end up dodging Blackberries with the rest of the help.
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