Adidas-Polar RS800 running computer one-ups Apple

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.11.06

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Adidas-Polar RS800 running computer one-ups Apple
Yeah, we've all heard about the Nike+iPod Sport Kit -- a consumer-grade monitor for your running apparel to connect to your iPod. But what if you're one of those high-end runners, and simply hearing your heart-pumping songs won't do it for you? Then you probably will want to shell out some hard cash ($490) to get yourself an Adidas-Polar RS800 running computer. This three-piece device includes a special running top (an additional $60-$70) and that integrates embedded sensors and an embedded shoe sensor to display workout metrics that include heart rate, speed, elevation, cadence and "running efficiency," to a wrist-worn display, all of which can be downloaded to your home computer (presumably over USB, but they don't specify). It'll be available from retailers starting next month -- we're already training for our run over to Adidas headquarters in Germany to get one.

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