Sonos and Rhapsody skip the PC with System Software 2.0

These lovebirds go way back, but now Sonos and Real are sticking it to the man with the new Sonos System Software 2.0 that does away with the PC for a middleman. You can of course do things on the regular with a clunky old beige box serving up your music collection and Rhapsody tunes, but now you've got the option to plug your Sonos system straight into the internets and browse Rhapsody from your Sonos Controller, without any messy peecees getting in the way. Sonos is hoping this'll be a hit with technophobic or overly busy baby boomers, who don't have the time and/or know-how to manage a music library on a normal PC. The 2.0 update also features musical alarm functionality, gapless MP3/Ogg playback, extra internet radio stations and other little tweaks. Another plus to the free update, which is out today, is a free 30-day trial to the Rhapsody service -- so you can get your baby boomer self going on for a whole month without dipping into that nest-egg just yet.