Minox DMP 4 PMP arrives at party in last year's outfit

When it comes to PMPs, screen size, storage capacity, ease of use, and file format are usually the things one is concerned with (never mind if it's headed to the States). As for those things, the Minox DMP-4, not unlike the DMP-3, DMP-2, and DMP-1, looks relatively run-of-the-mill, albeit on the serviceable side of things. With 2GB of internal memory, SD storage slot, a 2.5-inch TFT screen (960 x 240 -- which has to be a misprint), the Minox DMP4 definitely looks and sounds like a PMP. It also sports USB 2.0 and MPEG-4 video at VGA resolutions at 30FPS; other format compatibilities include JPEG, MP3, WAV, and WMA. A rechargeable Li-ion battery completes the picture, as it would, for a unit that weighs in at 69 grams at 90 x 68 x 16mm. Could be a nice little playback unit for photographers or those who relish single-button devices, but there are a few things that might be missed by the rest of us: TV tuner, hard drive, WiFi, Bluetooth, widescreen, GPS, DivX -- you know, the usual for your average Korean portable.

[Via Photography Blog]