Best Buy's Insignia NS-DVxG DAP: watch out, iPod

Like many of the TiVo VIPs who rushed to order their Series3 boxes so that they would arrive the next day (unfortunately, things didn't turn out so well), we're big proponents of immediate gratification, which is why we still shop at brick-and-mortar retailers like Best Buy despite the increased selection and better prices found online. One thing we don't go to Best Buy for, however, is the Insignia Store, which sells super-cheap "top-notch quality" OEM gear that is supposedly full of "high-tech features" -- but which is really just targeted at consumers on the tightest of budgets. Anyway, the latest "feature-filled" product to take its place among the rest of the Insignia elite will be the NS-DVxG DAP from Joytoto, an absolutely hideous looking player that AVING amusingly implies could topple Apple's reigning champ. Besides the flimsy controls and cheap-looking case, the DVxG does actually offer some compelling functionality, including video playback on the 2.2-inch LCD, wireless headphone and file transfer support via Bluetooth, PlaysForSure compatibility, and a microSD slot to supplement what appears to be 6GB of internal storage. These players should be joining the illustrious ranks of the Insignia family come October, and though pricing hasn't yet been announced, it wouldn't shock us one bit if you end up getting a good deal of change after slapping down two Benjamins.

Update: It went through the FCC, so there you go. Here and here.