Delkin takes burning on the go with DVD BurnAway

In a long overdue update to its original BurnAway device, Delkin is finally launching the new model to embrace the not-exactly-fresh technology known as DVD. While it doesn't get much of a facelift (externally or otherwise), this portable burner rocks a rechargeable battery, CD-R / RW and DVD±R / RW compatibility, music playback, and instant slideshow support via the built-in S-Video / composite outputs. The biggest boons here, however, are the twin flash memory slots -- supporting CompactFlash (I and II), MicroDrive, SD, MMC, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, MS Pro, and xD (with adapter, naturally) -- that bypass the computer entirely to allow direct card-to-CD / DVD burning. Of course, this could be utilized as a plain ole external burner for your PC, but where's the fun in that? While battery life is (frighteningly) not mentioned, we assume it stocks enough juice to burn at least a couple discs while road trippin', and the DVD BurnAway can be picked up anytime before your next pre-planned journey for $369.99.

[Via MobileWhack]