FCC likely directing Logan to lay off Continental's WiFi

As you probably already know, we can't get enough of WiFi -- naturally we prefer the free variety, but have been known to fork over a few bucks from time to time to get our fix. So when we found out that Continental Airlines was offering free WiFi service to members of its frequent flier service at Boston-Logan International Airport, needless to say, we were pretty stoked. Now, one might think that transit authorities would be all for keeping customers happy and pacified, but apparently that's not the case with Massport, the governing body at Logan. According to Reuters, Massport instructed airlines in 2005 to unplug their wireless access points so that travelers could be graced with the new fee-based system it was installing airport-wide. Not surprisingly, Continental said "no thanks," kept its WiFi running, and filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission. This week, the FCC issued a proposed ruling to commissioners, which according to insiders, is likely to end up being in Continental's favor, given that the Feds are the only ones who can tell you how to use your hard-earned unlicensed spectrum. Apparently that's something Massport's going to have to learn the hard way.