VAF Research's Octavio Speaker Dock: a HiFi for Zune

Unlike some, here's a manufacturer we're pretty certain is making Zuneaccessories. Meet the "designed for Zune" Octavio Speaker Dock from highly regarded VAF Research out of Australia. Yeah, you might be justifiably tempted to draw similarities to the same, top-loading design of the Apple HiFi or uh, Gamexpert PSP HiFi. No doubt you'd be hard to tell 'em apart in a tactile funhouse. Oh sure, we'd love to break the iPod and Zune speakers down side-by-side for you, but we can't. All we know is that the Octavio can blast up to 105 dB to the HiFi's 108 dB 'cause no matter how many times we slap our digits into their little registration forms, nothing ever comes. Let's just hope that inattention to detail isn't an omen of what's in the pipeline. Octavio is scheduled for release from Chinese manufacturing to US shelves in "late 2006."

[Via AustralianIT, Thanks David W]