Zinc Matrix Power unveils silver-zinc battery to trump li-ion

We've been overdue for a lithium-ion successor since forever, and we can't deny the urgency has been bumped a notch by the recent spat of battery explosions. Of course, many have pretended to the throne, but newcomer Zinc Matrix Power thinks their new silver-zinc battery packs really have a shot. They just unveiled the tech at the Intel Developers Forum, and they claim their batteries are safer, longer lasting and more environmentally friendly than those lithium-ion clunkers. As much as we treasure our lap in an intact form -- which silver-zinc provides for due to a safer "inherent chemistry" of silver, zinc and water -- we're especially happy to hear of the "significant" performance gains over lithium-ion, because if there's anything we hate worse than shrapnel in the upper thigh, it's running out of battery mid-way through a high-scoring game of Snood on a cross-country flight. We suppose easy recycling wouldn't suck either. Zinc Matrix says they'll have the new power cells in the hands of device manufacturers for evaluation in early '07, so hopefully we won't have too long of a wait.

[Via Tech Digest]