Pharos announces GPS 135 and 140 navigators, bumps specs on GPS 525

Pharos just busted out two new little wonders onto the world with their Drive GPS 135 and 140 while giving their GPS 525 a spec bump in the process. The Drive GPS 135 come pre-loaded with maps of the US and Canada on a 2GB SD card along with Pharos OSTIA navigation software, 3.5-inch touch screen, and SiRFstar III chipset for an entry-level $350. The $550 Drive GPS 140 aims to entertain by upping the touch-screen to 4-inches for unspecified picture and video playback, adding Bluetooth for hands-free calling, and slipping in support for MP3 audio. While the 135 and 140 are powered by Windows CE 4.2 and 5.0, respectively, their rebadged HTC Galaxy, now dubbed the Traveler GPS 525+, goes Windows Mobile 5.0 like the GPS 525 it replaces only now with those US and Canadian maps preloaded on to a bigger 2GB SD card. Expect the GPS 525+ to pull an MSRP of $550 with the whole shebang arriving for retail near the end of the month.