The little Music Mouse Pad that does everything

Need a MIDI interface? Need a four-port USB hub? A microphone? How about a speaker? Look no further than the Music Mouse Pad. Yes, this little bugger sports all of the above in a could-be-aesthetically-improved-upon package for only around $30. Of course, you could get a $500 carbon fiber pad, one made of 200-year old elm, or one that sounds proves your FPS fansanity, but then you wouldn't be able to listen to your phat tunez on a tiny plastic speaker while programming your next hit in Garage Band. Granted, the price is right and this pad could be great for mobile users, but oh, how our minds reel with possibilities: secretly record your significant other's tawdry Skype conversations with that French girl! Program the mouse pad to say "ouch!" every time someone clicks! Attach a USB-powered fan to keep your fingers nice and cool!