Toshiba still whittling away at their fuel cell prototypes

We can't say portable fuel cell power has really "arrived" yet -- perhaps when it no longer doubles the mass of the device it's attached to, then we can talk. But at least Toshiba isn't giving up on the technology, and they showed off some prototypes at CEATAC 2006 to demonstrate the fruit of their many years of labor. It doesn't look like they've managed to do much slimming since the last time we saw a couple prototypes this June, but the unit they've slapped onto the V30T looks promising, and the laptop version (peep after the break) seems at least more integrated than the last one we saw. No more word on when these things are going to get real and start providing us with that power-cord nirvana we've always dreamed of, but it's nice to know that we could always swipe one of these at a temporarily unguarded tradeshow booth. You know, for emergency use. Or something.