Don't bother tonight, see Gamestop's Gears video here

Select Gamestop stores are hosting a special Gear of War event tonight after closing up shop. Why didn't we tell you about this earlier? There are two reasons. First, they're only showing video of the game, it won't be playable -- yes, we're excited about it ... but not that excited. Second, the giveaways are pretty weak: lanyards and pins. Where's the free shirts or -- even better -- demo discs? Really, exclusive video content? Isn't this what Xbox Live was made for?

Since we're loathe to recommend that you run down to your local Gamestop on a Saturday night to crowd in and watch video of a game you've undoubtedly pre-ordered and will be playing in a couple weeks, we're extremely pleased to present you with ... the very same video footage they'll be showing tonight! So, unless you have a real hankering for those lanyards and pins, and an absolute void where your social life should be, we think you oughta skip Gamestop tonight and start practicing for playing Gears.

Video is embedded after the break, in two parts. One of the exclusive footage and the other is a clip of CliffyB telling folks they won't find that exclusive footage on the internet ... you mean, this internet?

[Many thanks, geneticdefect!]