Nokia prepping a GPS-capable sibling for the 770?

Yeah, we're still waiting for a WiMax-based, thumb board-sporting 770 successor, but until Nokia makes all of our wildest dreams come true in that fashion, it looks like they've got a cute little brother on the way to keep us occupied in the interim. About all we've got to go on so far is this fuzzy camphone pic, but the device purportedly rocks the SiRF Star III GPS chipset, along with a bit of audio and video codec support for entertainment purposes. In truth, the device bears much more of a resemblance to HP's latest iPAQ, the rx5900 Travel Companion, than the 770 line, but hopefully Nokia squeezed in some Linux and WiFi love to make it worth the effort. If it all proves to be legit, we could be seeing this little GPS unit by Christmas, so start saving that indeterminate amount of pennies!