The Bottoms Up intros Hygienic Automatic Toilet Seat

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.27.06

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The Bottoms Up intros Hygienic Automatic Toilet Seat
Storming into the oh-so-competitive world of highly advanced toilet seats is The Bottoms Up company, which has just unveiled its first (and only) product -- the Hygienic Automatic Toilet Seat. Unlike some snazzy editions which sport automatic jets, this version's claim to fame is its fully automatic, battery-powered lifting functionality that enables mysophobic individuals to use the restroom without laying a finger on the seat. Apparently, a sensor detects your "intentions" when approaching, and instinctively lifts the appropriate seat(s) to keep your hands away from the potentially germ-ridden area. The company is primarily marketing the product to women "suffering with dirty and open toilet seats" around the house, as well as public businesses who'd like to maintain a clean (ahem) reputation. Unfortunately, there's no promised release date or estimated price, so you're stuck using the tried and true "manual method" for the time being.
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