Eye-Fi's Eye-Film WiFi SD card now shipping in beta

Remember that SD card from Eye-Fi which was to bring us an extra 1GB of flash along with our 802.11g WiFi? Well pull-up, or even drop, a stool 'cause the Eye-Film has finally gone beta. If you're up to handing over $99 for a not yet production-ready piece of kit, then you'll receive a 512MB (1GB coming later as a free upgrade for beta testers) SD card incorporating 802.11b/g WiFi that is said to transfer JPEG photos from within your camera to either in-home PC and Macs or directly to supported on-line sites, like say, Flickr we hope. Sorry, no ability to transfer RAW or movie files yet and there won't be support for Smartphones during the Beta as Windows Mobile solutions are still being investigated. And you Treo owners can simmer down too 'cause according to Palm, "they cannot support network peripherals on this particular branch of PalmOS." Figures. The Eye-Film has been tested with a "wide range" of consumer and pro digicams (it comes with Compact Flash Type-II adapter) so the beta is open to all -- if they can't get it to work then you'll get a full refund. Hell, why not, we say.

[Thanks, Caleb]