Integrated Mobile Electronics launches universal iMe Dock for your car

If you're genuinely frustrated with fuzzy (and "dangerous") FM transmitter results, and aren't exactly keen on wiring up a separate connection for each DAP you own, Integrated Mobile Electronics has your solution. In a presumed attempt to alleviate the frustration of priopritary DAP-to-automobile liaisons (and grab the entire market's attention), the startup has unveiled the iMe in-car docking station. The device, like most other hardwired options, will require a good bit of DIY handiwork (and Excedrin Migraine pills), but will apparently channel audio to your sound system and even video to your LCD-equipped whip. The package will reportedly support the Apple iPod / nano, Microsoft Zune (including the unannounced "80GB" version), Creative Zen Vision:M, SanDisk Sansa, and iRiver Clix right out-of-the-box, and even touts the ability to charge your device while docked. While it's being marketed as an end-all solution to your in-car docking station needs, these all-in-one contraptions should certainly be approached with caution -- and while there's no info on pricing or availability, you can see its potential for yourself at the SEMA expo this month.