Sony set to rock your body with wireless headphones

We've seen headphones (even toothbrushes) that use the human body (bones, specifically) to bypass your ears and send tunes straight into your noggin', but Sony looks to be reversing the processes, using the body to wirelessly transmit sound from an audio source to a pair of regular headphones. According to a recent patent application, the sure-to-be-renamed "human body communication system and communication device" uses an electric field to send audio signals, presumably harmlessly, through your body and up to the headphones, which untangle the signal to produce sound. It doesn't look to be an ideal solution though -- at least at the moment -- with bandwidth limitations apparently preventing anything higher than 48 kbps ATRAC3-plus audio signals from being transmitted. There's also, of course, no indication of when we'll actually see this in the wild, so the detailed artist's rendering above will have to do for now.

[Via Unwired View, thanks Staska]