Apple put its supa-spicy 802.11n into the MacBook, too?

There's still no word from on high on this whole 802.11n biz, but it doesn't look like Apple is letting up on its "secret" insertion of 802.11n chips into its computer models, with the latest member of the wireless-n family naturally being the new Core 2 Duo MacBooks. We guessed as much, and ThinkSecret just spotted the telltale Atheros AR5008E chipset, the same one inside the C2D MacBook Pros. Of course, most people are pretty certain that Apple is doing this without updating drivers so that it can have a fancy unveil of its iTV device, with enough bandwidth to pull everything off, but our secret desire is that Apple just can't spare the manpower to write up a driver when everybody is busy coding away on that touchscreen / iPod / phone / time machine that we all know is just around the corner. And when have we ever steered you wrong?

[Thanks, iData]