22Moo intros SeepuStar DV230 video goggles

There's certainly no shortage of low-res video goggles on the market, but Australia's 22Moo seems to think there's room for just one more (they must know something we don't), bolstering its own lineup with the SeepuStar DV230 wearable display -- apparently, coming courtesy of OEM manufacturer Icuiti. While 22Moo's holding back on most of the specs for now, they do say that the Seepustars will give you a virtual 35-inch screen and can be used with just about anything with video out -- just don't be too disappointed if your brand new PS3 looks more like a PS1 after you hook it up to a pair of these. At least, we're guessing -- $250 will only buy you so much resolution. Look for these to be available later this month.