JVC HA-NC80 noise-canceling 'phones rock dual-mode style

JVC's gone crazy with the noise-canceling cans -- it's just released the new HA-NC80 headphones, which apparently have two different modes for filtering out ambient sound. The short of it is that there's a "wide" and "low" mode, with the former being better suited to getting rid of a larger range of frequencies (such as those found in an airplane). The "low" mode, however, is best suited for a narrower and lower frequency ranger, such as bouncing around in that city bus on your way to work. These 'phones will be available starting next month for $60, which is less than Sony's or Creative's offerings. Put another way: would you trade 15-20 Starbucks lattes for one month in order to satisfy your aural cravings? We thought so.