Sony BMG settles rootkit case in California for $750k

This one took a bit longer, but it looks like Sony is still wrapping up these rootkit lawsuits, and this here's another one decided in favor of the consumers. Sony BMG has just settled with attorneys general of LA and California for the low low price of $750,000 -- with the suit claiming that Sony's inclusions of lame-o DRM software opened up computers to potential hackers. Sony will also provide refunds up to $175 to any consumer that can prove the rootkit damaged their computer in some way, according to a part of the settlement that is still awaiting judge approval. It wasn't all doom and gloom though, since LA's Tom Papageorge, a head deputy district attorney, says that "To their credit, they did stop the practice as soon as we brought it to their attention," but unfortunately he continued on to mention that "The FTC and a group of other states are looking at this as well and will file similar agreements." So it's not all over for Sony yet. And here we were hoping for a Sony-free year of lawsuits and general consumer neglect in 2007 -- how about we give '08 a shot?