Wii in a theater: we don't need no stinkin' pixels

This latest Wii vid, which we've decided in a completely non-mathematical way stretches those 480p pixels to about one square foot of screen per, just goes to prove what all those Wii fanboys have been politely discussing with the Sony and Microsoft camps all along: pixels don't necessarily equal fun. In fact, we'd like to present another theorem of Wii fun: any game that makes your friends look like total fools -- sort of like they look when they're actually bowling, golfing, boxing or saving princesses -- is a total keeper, and if you can do it while being immersed in a totally sick 344-inch theater screen, with a digital theater projector and homemade sensor bar backing you up, then it's all the merrier. Keep reading for a video of this ultimate in Wii setups, or peep that read link for detailed instructions in building your own sensor bar (a variation on the original DoctaBu design).