Toshiba readying EV-DO-equipped Portege R400 convertible tablet

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.28.06

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Toshiba readying EV-DO-equipped Portege R400 convertible tablet
It looks like the surfacing of Vista / SideShow-centric remotes isn't the only news popping up in regard to Microsoft's forthcoming OS, as Toshiba is apparently readying a new convertible tablet for release. According to a blurb in the Windows Vista Partner Stories brochure, the Portege R400 is set to become the company's "signature" laptop, and breaks off the keyboard / design layout from the M400, not to mention its flagship feature: 3G. Designed specifically to function with Windows Vista niceties, the sexy machine sports a 12.1-inch "LED backlit" widescreen display, and is reportedly the "world's first PC that automatically synchronizes your information with Active Notifications." In a bid to make getting connected as easy as possible, Toshiba's ConfigFree setup supposedly makes managing your (Verizon) EV-DO, WiFi, Bluetooth, and gigabit Ethernet connections a breeze, but the real standout of the system is its claim to be the "world's first system with a wireless dock to connect to desktop peripherals," which should prove mighty handy if bandwidth doesn't prove too great a bottleneck. Nevertheless, the still-mysterious R400 should find itself a spec sheet and release date sometime soon, probably close to, say, January 30th?

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