PS3 crime spree, part infinity: Will the madness never end?

News hit the wires recently of an armed PS3 robbery attempt that went down in Kailu-Kona Hawaii. The assailants, who attacked the PS3 owner with a baseball bat, managed to flee the scene in their SUV, but luckily were foiled in their attempt to actually snag the console, merely stealing precious innocence from their victims during the escapade. So, yeah, we're not sure you're quite aware of this, oh well-tanned Hawaiian brethren of ours, but PS3 availability is rather on the uptick these days, presumably relegating bat-wielding drive-by PS3 robberies to the bloody pages of history. So put down that beating stick, head over to your local retailer (or perhaps Best Buy online or those wild and wacky pages of eBay), which is probably filled to bursting with the shiny black console by now, and join the rest of us foolios in the arduous wait for MotorStorm this February. What was that? Oh, you didn't want to pay for one. Well, sorry, can't help you there.

[Via Joystiq]