Chip & PIN terminal can't play Doom, but Tetris runs just fine

So the processor might not be up to snuff for Doom, Linux, a NES emulator, or whatever other hacker software flavor of the month there might be, but a couple of University of Cambridge security nuts pulled apart a credit card reading "Chip & PIN" terminal and managed to get Tetris up and running on its teensy screen, which sounds good by us. The hack, while being a handy way to pass the time while manning a boring cash register, is actual a proof of concept for what could potentially be much more malicious hacks: if you can fool users into swiping their cards and entering in their PIN numbers into a modded terminal, there's all sorts of opportunity for theft. But we suppose as long as these guys are just in it for the classic gaming action -- and to expose potential security flaws in UK payment systems, of course -- there's not much harm in this hack. Make sure you check out the video after the break.