Slow news day yields... corrections of falsified numbers [update 1]

The video game industry holiday sales numbers, as some of you commented, ended up being random estimates attributed to the NPD Group when in reality they were random estimates told by CNBC. The true numbers will be released on January 11, along with another post about said numbers here, naturally.

NPD's David Riley speaks: "Recent media reports erroneously cited The NPD Group as having provided to CNBC December '06 retail sales for the video game industry. Although the specific CNBC segment included NPD's November '06 console hardware install base sales figures, there were no sales figures or forecasts from NPD for December 2006. NPD's December/Year-End sales data will become available Jan 11." Hooray! Toss in your estimates now.

[update: added link to previous article... an "oops" of its own, eh?]