Memorex launches new TravelCards and TravelDrives

Step aside TravelDrive, Memorex just busted out a new line of TravelCard memory cards to round-out their line-up of USB drives. The new line-up announced today by Imation's sub-brand features a dual-interface card (like we've seenbefore) supporting both SD and USB connectivity. They say it's patented technology... only they don't say who holds said patent. The cards will be offered in 1GB and 2GB capacities and eliminate the need for an SD card reader when moving images from say, your camera to your laptop. The dual-interface cards should ship before Q2 2007. The rest of the family is available today in SD, "high speed" SD, SDHC, MiniSD, MicroSD and MMC Micro formats. Also announced is the Ultra TravelDrive (pictured) line-up of USB hard disk drives. These 2.5-inch, USB 2.0 drives deliver up to 160GB of storage capacity and ship this quarter for up to $200.

Update: We dredged a picture of theTravelCard from the show floor. For whatever reason, we couldn't convince the staff to extract it from the impermeable plastic packaging to check that patented sliding action. Whatevs, click-on for a peep.

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