Elecom intros skim prevention kit for wallet, cellphone

If you're down with the whole "swipeless" idea, but don't much dig the potential lack of security associated with it, Elecom's coming to the rescue in an attempt to put your paranoia to rest. The Skim Black I lineup of gear consists of a thin, wallet-based card and a not-so-elegant adornment for cellphones (pictured after the jump), both of which eliminate snoopers from jacking your precious information (or identity) by cutting off a reported 99.9-percent of radio waves. To be effective, the skim prevention card must be close to any swipeless cards in your wallet or pocket, while the bulkier SKM-K001 needs to be stuck on the rear of your mobile to effectively destroy the hopes of data thieves (and all stylistic appeal your handset previously had). Both units should be hitting Japan any day, and while the SKM-C001 wallet card will run you ¥1,260 ($11), the cellphone guardian will demand ¥2,310 ($20).

[Via AkihabaraNews]