Apple TV gets a full blown specification list, sort of

Whether you've dropped your hard-earned $299 for Apple's forthcoming Apple TV, or you're just waiting to find out a bit more details on the thing before pulling the trigger, AppleInsider reportedly has the dirt we geeks adore. According to Apple's website, the device sports an elusive "Intel processor" and a 40GB hard drive, but we all know there's a lot more to this 7.7- x 7.7-inch box than what Steve is letting us know; thankfully, some folks in the know have supposedly dug up just what's under the silver lid, and it seems that you're paying three hundred bones for some rather antiquated components. Getting us started is a 1GHz Pentium-M-based chip, codenamed "Crofton," which has been underclocked to run on a 350MHz bus, and it's purportedly based on Intel's Dothan core, which includes 2MB of L2 cache. Additionally, an NVIDIA G72M with 64MB of DDR2 RAM is included for video purposes, and a quarter gigabyte of 400MHz DDR2 system RAM is soldered to the logic board. Also of note is its inability to function as its own wireless router / extender, despite the built-in 802.11n antenna, and while you'll find a USB port flanking the rear, it's presumably only there for "services and diagnostics purposes." So, in the end the Apple TV should still have plenty of horsepower to handle its well established duties, but it's certainly not packing a great lot of pizazz beneath the hood -- according to this report, anyway.