Asus A8Jr 14.1-inch laptop features new ATI X2300 graphics

With the kind of elaborate cooling schemes and power supplies now demanded by top-of-the-line desktop graphics cards, we've rather given up hope of having a truly "cutting edge" graphics experience stuffed into an even somewhat portable laptop. That said, we do the best we can, and ATI's new X2300 Mobility Radeon graphics that Asus is featuring in its new A8Jr laptops sound promising, even if the main thrust of the card is enhanced performance-per-watt. Otherwise, the A8Jr looks to be well specced, but not a lot of surprises: there's a full range of Core 2 Duo processors, the Intel 945PM Express chipset, 802.11 a/b/g Intel PRO WiFi, optional Bluetooth 2.0, an ExpressCard slot, and a nice complement of video outputs, including TV-out, DVI and VGA. The computer measures 1.4 to 1.5-inches-ish thick and weighs 5.3 pounds with a 6 cell battery pack. Unfortunately, no word on display resolution on that 14.1-inch LCD, or any specifics on release date or price -- though it better be soon, 'cause this little guy is packing Windows XP, and that's not going to look so hot a week from now.

[Via 65-bit-computers]