Halo figurines molded for WizKids' Clix wargame

halo actionclix (prototype)

Halo is now the latest brand to be miniaturized for WizKids' tabletop 'Clix' wargame system. The HeroClix maker has reached a deal with Bungie and Microsoft to design a collectable miniatures game (CMG) based on the Halo universe, dubbed Halo ActionClix. The first set will include more than 80 figurines, including representations adapted from Halo 3. Figures will be sold in randomized booster packs, while vehicles and a 'Starter Game' will be sold in diorama display format.

Halo ActionClix is expected to go on sale in September. Pre-release promotional figures will be featured at San Diego Comic-Con (July 26-29), and at Gen Con Indy (August 16-19).

WizKids founder Jordan Weisman and Microsoft share a history of business ventures, likely explaining how the coveted Halo license has landed in WizKids' hands. Weisman, who co-founded FASA Corporation, sold the company's video game division (FASA Interactive) to Microsoft before eventually departing FASA to form WizKids. WizKids has produced CMGs based on MechWarrior, Shadowrun, and Crimson Skies; notable because Microsoft has or will publish video games also based on these IPs. Now we add Halo to that list.

[Thanks, Jonah]