GM prepping Chevy Sequel fuel cell vehicle for 2010

After fifty or so years of waiting for electric cars to hit the mainstream "in the next few years or so," it's kind of crazy to actually have working and practical electronic cars among us. So naturally, now we're required to start pinning our hopes on the so-far-elusive dream of fuel cell vehicles, and GM is helping our future lust along with its new Chevy Sequel fuel cell prototype, which was heretofore a loosely defined "GM Sequel" concept. Slated for production in 2010, the Sequel shares traits aplenty with GM's Chevy Volt, specifically the shared electric motor for the front wheels, with in-hub motors for both rear wheels. The Sequel also uses lithium-ion batteries, regenerative braking and a third-gen GM fuel cell. Two running Sequels already exist, and GM will be building 100 fuel cell-powered Chevy Equinoxes for large scale trials of the technology this year.