LG officially calling Apple's iPhone a copycat?

One doesn't need look hard look at Apple's iPhone to see the similarities between it and LG's Prada (KE850), but now the momentous whispers have finally gotten to the head of LG Mobile Handset R&D Center, and it's on. While Apple fights its meager battles with trademarks, and we're left to wonder just how much loot Jobs and friends stand to make off this thing, Woo-Young Kwak has reportedly dubbed the iPhone an outright "copycat" of the device that won the International Forum Design Product Design Award. Of course, there are those out there trying to maintain the peace, as Mr. Kang-Heui Cha, Senior Manager of MC Design Research Lab, has stated that LG's handset "focused on interfaces," while Cupertino's pride and joy "emphasized a music phone concept" -- but even that seems like a weak argument at best. But hey, Steve's already voiced his opinion on the highly controversial "to DRM or not to DRM" issue, so we expect hope a rebuttal is already in the works, as this one's got the makings of a real catfight. [Warning: Read link requires subscription]