Activision buys DemonWare, claims Irish paper

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Activision buys DemonWare, claims Irish paper
demonwareDublin's Sunday Independent reports that Activision has dropped €15 million (about $19.75m) for DemonWare, maker of the popular network middleware technology. DemonWare's two primary products are its State Engine and Matchmaking+, used to power the multiplayer component of Activision's Call of Duty 3 -- as well as THQ's Saint's Row and Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Vegas. Since its creation in 2003, DemonWare, which is headquartered in Dublin, has emerged as a leading outsource option for publishers' networking needs. As online multiplayer grows into an industry standard, DemonWare technology could prove to be a valuable asset to Activision .

DemonWare has yet to comment on the alleged acquisition.

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