Shredz64 project bringing Guitar Hero to the Commodore 64

We've already seen the Guitar Hero controller hooked up to a PC, but hardware hacker Toni has decided up the difficultly level even further, endeavoring to wire the ubiquitous plastic axe to his Commodore 64, complete with an all new "Guitar Hero-like" C64 game. While he's still quite a ways from fully realizing that goal, as the pic above and audio clip on the page linked below show, he is making considerable progress, with all of the guitar's buttons working, although the whammy bar, sadly, remains silent. Unfortunately, it's also been over a month since the last update on the project, so we can only hope that he hasn't given up on it -- there's undoubtedly countless C64s just waiting to be dusted off as soon as the DIY guide is ready.

[Thanks, Joseph S]