Latest BlackBerry OS confirms 8820 with WiFi

A feature notoriously missing from RIM's range, WiFi is one add-on we can pretty much all agree would make the average BlackBerry user's life noticeably better. We'd heard rumblings ahead of the 8800's release that Canada's newest handset would sport some manner of 802.11 out of the box, but alas -- the release came and went with no 2.4GHz (or 5GHz, for that matter) goodness in sight, allegedly due to technical glitches on RIM's side that the company was unwilling to delay the initial model for. No worries, though -- well, maybe a few worries if you're AT&T and you're trying to push the 8800 out the door -- the WiFi-enabled 8820 looks pretty official now thanks to a cameo in RIM's latest BlackBerry OS offering. Other changes should be minimal from its predecessor; a camera still isn't in the cards, leaving shutterbugs who like their BlackBerry served QWERTY style up the same creek they are now. No word on a release, but rumblings have the device launching mid-year.