Adtron's 160GB drive nabs the 2.5-inch SSD record

It's not quite the coup that A-DATA's 128 gigger was, but just 'cause Adtron didn't 2x the previous record holder doesn't mean 160GB is anything to sneeze at. Adtron's new 2.5-inch SSD drive just grabbed the industry crown for capacity, and they're also boasting about sustained read/write performance in the 70MB/s range, which is supposedly "the solid state industry's best performance." The drive is already shipping in commercial and industrial versions, and comes in I25FB (IDE)and A25FB (SATA) varients. No exact word on price, but we hear you might be looking at somewhere in the range of $80-$115 per gigabyte. Yeah, we know. Aren't you sorry you asked?

[Via jkOnTheRun]