Apple Rumor Generator promises all kinds of wild products

It must be tough for true Apple fanboys to weather the hours and sometimes days between the latest Mac / iPod / fake Apple product rumor; without a regular dose of wild 12-inch MacBook speculation or promises of a 32GB flash iPhone, what's the point of getting of out bed? Well luckily the good folks at Apple Gazette empathize with your need for Apple "news" on the regular, and have helpfully created a tool that will fill the gossip vacuum with info just as reliable as the usual sketchiness which infects the 'nets. Their Apple Rumor Generator picks a random clause from each of nine different phrase banks, and combines them for a fresh, exciting new bit of speculation with each press of the radio button -- feeding your Apple jones has never been easier. Ultra portable Mac Pro? It's in there. "Video Apple TV"? Sure, what the hey. And your favorite "anonymous tipsters, inside sources, and unnamed operatives"? Yup, they're all in on it too. So go ahead, get your rumor on, and learn shocking plans like this from deep inside Cupertino HQ: "A confirmed source has confirmed earlier reports that we will see a Black Macbook Pro and Flash-based iPod Shuffle in the Fourth Quarter 2007." Wild!

[Thanks, Michael]