Assistance dogs relieve "ruff" times at the ATM

Throughout time, man's best friend has proven to possess an extraordinary capacity to provide helpful services. An unfortunate few become chauffeurs for lazy individuals, however many others provide invaluable aid to the disabled and wheelchair-bound. Assistance dogs have been known to perform tasks such as doing laundry and grocery shopping, but now they can totally rock the ATM as well. It all started with Endal, a ten-year-old Labrador Retriever assistance dog who took the liberty to nab his frustrated wheelchair-bound owner's card, money and receipt with his mouth -- a first for contributive canines. A charity that trains assistance dogs, Canine Partners, was quite inspired and has added an ATM regimen that teaches the helpful hounds to insert and remove cards, retrieve cash and receipts, and hand them to the owner who is responsible for entering their PIN number. Nothing in life is free, and a lot of stuff in life requires cash, therefore we can definitely conclude that this novel advancement is paws-down progressive.

[Via Spluch]