Calling all C64 fans: Impossible Mission screens

Here's something we still don't believe we're seeing: a DS remake of the Commodore 64 hit Impossible Mission. And judging from the character art, it casts players in the role of Almost Keanu Reeves But Just Edited Enough That Hopefully Nobody Gets Sued. We love that guy!

The game involves searching for password components in randomly-generated rooms, then using those passwords in control rooms, while avoiding enemies and manipulating platforms with computer terminals.

This was supposed to release in January, and didn't, but at least it still appears to exist! We don't know if this will get released outside of Europe, since Commodore fandom is a mostly Euro phenomenon. European fanboys: how do you feel about C64 remakes on the DS? And how off the mark were we with our description of the game?

We've included a few screens after the break.