Japan-only cellphone for kids looks like a "toy phone"

Cellphones these days find themselves in the "one size fits all" realm as well as the "specialized niche" realm. From top-end cameraphones to Firefly numeric keypad-less handsets, there's one for everybody. Well, if you're in Japan and have kids, turn your attention to the new Papipo! handset that looks more like a cereal-box prize than an actual piece of equipment. The Japan-only Papipo! was meant to look like a toy phone (and it is), but this one actually makes calls and plays games. We're not sure how much design finesse it took to produce this unit, but the Papipo! comes in five designs for girls and two designs for boys. Themes? You get Hello Kitty, Tamagochi and Dragons along with other kid-only themes. The Papipo! also comes with a camera onboard and sells for $41US in Japan.