Microsoft thwarts Xbox 360 hacks with sneaky "update"

So, Microsoft is officially striking back to halt recent Xbox 360 hack-tivity after having been alerted to recent breach methods of the system's non-privileged memory areas, allowing users to run their own code. With potential homebrews beginning to surface, Microsoft concocted its own brew: a system-wide fix, or as it's officially dubbed, an "online system update," which doesn't mention the vulnerability patch or even what the update is for. The update was unleashed on Xbox Live, can be burned to a DVD or CD from the website, and ships with all games released after February 20. Unsuspecting hax0rz who fall victim to Microsoft's furtive "booyah" will be sent back to the drawing board -- and if they manage to find another loophole, they'd best think twice before installing a patch in update's clothing.

[Via CNET]