More details emerge on the mythical Google phone?

Now that the iPhone has moved from rumor limbo into the land of the living (at least we think so -- how many people have actually touched one?), we obviously need another mythical mobile to drool over and speculate about -- and the natural candidate is, of course, the so-called Google phone. While the big G has been making inroads on your handset with mobile versions of its search, email, and mapping software for some time, there has been growing speculation that the company is working on its own hardware -- speculation that only intensified when we published that pic of a supposed Google / Samsung collaboration called the Switch (pictured above, as a refresher). Well the latest juicy G-phone morsels to hit our plate come courtesy of Simeon Simeonov (no relation to the deceased Bulgarian soccer player, we think) and his HighContrast blog, whose always-reliable "inside source" broke down some of the anticipated specs. According to Simeonov's tipster, we can expect a "Blackberry-like, slick device" (QWERTY?) running Java on a C++ core with perhaps a Linux bootstrap. For graphics, Google is said to be leveraging the 2005 purchase of little known company name Skia that developed a 2D engine capable of rendering "state-of-the-art" images on low-power devices. Finally, Google is said to be offering carriers a deal wherein the search giant will sell and market the phone online, relying on the carriers for their networks only and subsequently driving down their costs. Combined with Google's tradition of offering almost everything for free, there's a good chance that you'll be able to pick up your G-phone for much less than your precious iPhone -- although lets hope the tradeoff isn't being forced to listen to ads every time we want to make a damn call.