Warner Bros., Universal, and DCIP to make digital cinema a reality

Could it be? Apparently, some major plans have been set in motion to finally go digital on the big screen. Movie industry big-guns Warner Bros., Universal, and Digital Cinema Implementation Partners have announced a joint venture to evaluate various distribution methods, such as satellite or digital terrestrial distribution, to determine the best way to deploy digital content across a whopping 14,000 Regal, AMC, and Cinemark screens. DCIP (equally owned by the 3 aforementioned theater giants) was formed earlier this year to apply the new format to cinemas during the motion picture industry's digital transition where traditional film will peace out for real. The shift, if well-orchestrated, will not only enhance the movie-going experience, but can also provide back-end benefits such as faster rollouts, more scheduling flexibility, and cutting out physical shipping costs. To fight the pirates who will no doubt be wanting a piece of this ultra-HD action, the group is plotting a digital distribution system that streamlines delivery methods and keeps the number of people involved to a minimum. There's no word yet on exactly when this much-anticipated, way-overdue implementation will begin.