Coby highlights lanyard rings with its new pendant DAPs

The first thing you notice about Coby's new MP-C8xx and MP-C6xx series of flash-based DAPs is the big honkin' lanyard ring wrapping pronouncedly around the bottom of each model -- if nothing else, we bet your keys would stay attached to these things for like a million years. We actually have to give Coby credit for trying to pull off a bit of an unconventional and decidedly un-iPod-like look with these DAPs, although it's sort of a necessity as the company tries to move a little more upmarket. The devices themselves are nothing out of the ordinary, offering numerous configs with respect to capacity (256MB to 2GB) and screen (regular LCD or backlit, high-contrast one), along with the standard bells and whistles package of FM radio, voice recorder, SD slot, blah blah blah. The really important info -- pricing and availability -- isn't even clear yet, so we'll wait to see if we hear anything more before we get too attached to these scrappy young players.