Still want 720p? New BRAVIA 3LCD projectors shipping in June

Sony keeps the BRAVIA train rolling today, announcing pricing and availability for not one but two new 3LCD projectors. The 720p VPL-AW10 and VPL-AW15 projectors both feature the same 165-watt 1,100 lumen lamp, 1.6x zoom lens and 20dB fan noise. The VPL-AW10 uses Advanced Iris technology to provide a 6,000:1 contrast ratio, while the VPL-AW15 improves to 12,000:1 "dynamic" contrast ratio with its Advanced Iris 2 technology, and increased installation options due to its lens shift. Both will accept 1080p/24 sources and downscale to 720p. Sure its not the 1,920x1,080 number that impresses the neighbors like their big brothers Ruby and Pearl, but these two will cost only $1,300 (VPL-AW15) and $1,000 (VPL-AW10) when they ship in June. We're sure home theater builders on a budget will find a way to love these two, even if they don't have that magic 1080p number.