Hacking Linux onto your 360 just got a wee bit easier

Once again, we're a far cry from PS3-Linux-easy, but those 360 kids seem rather hard to dissuade. The latest development on the XeLL bootloader front is that you no longer need a serial cable hooked up for executing the boot loader, all you need is a 360 set up for running burned DVDs, a modified version of the King Kong disc -- you'll want the original game, Windows and a DVD burner to get that together -- and of course a Live CD with XeLL and your Linux distro all prepped to go. By now we're sure we don't need to tell you that this is limited to those lucky 4532 and 4548 kernels, but if you've got all of the above ingredients, plus a little bit of patience and complete disregard for warranty voidance, it looks like Linux on the 360 is within your reach at last. Peep a video after the break of the previous version of XeLL doing its thing.