Transcend intros 16GB SSD for ExpressCard slots

While we're always looking for a way to shave precious milliseconds off of our boot time, and Vista's ReadyBoost feature has proven somewhat effective at this task, it's not likely that you'll find us spending over a thousand bucks to add Transcend's 16GB SSD ExpressCard to our laptop anytime soon. Obviously you can also use the new card for storage, but unless you really have mission critical apps that need blazing fast access times, you're probably better off spending that $1,337 (ya, really!) on a 10,000 RPM HDD or bags and bags of delicious candy. And if you really need to scratch that ReadyBoost itch, a $30 thumb drive should do you just right.

Update: Transcend just wrote us a rather angry note claiming that the price we quote here is way off. Straight out of the horse's mouth, this 16 gigger will only set you back $256.45, with a 2GB version available for as little as $50.