Cario concept notebook: the wardriver's best friend

Even though it's pretty obvious that Anna Lopez's Cario concept notebook is only meant to be used while parked outside your local NeighborFi hotspot, there are enough idiots out there who would be surfing while driving (never an Engadget reader, of course) that we kind of hope the design lives and dies as a CAD file on Ms. Lopez's PC. Only slightly less dangerous than some of the in-car offices we've seen, the Cario seems to use its lid for support while the user types at a rather uncomfortable angle directly on the screen -- if ever a product screamed for a Bluetooth keyboard, it's this one right here. All in all not a bad idea for those unfortunate individuals who work out of their cars, and despite the fact that we already have a pretty snazzy in-dash PC, we're starting to regret the fact that we replaced our factory steering wheel with one of those tiny, Cario-incompatible chain link numbers. Fashion over function, ya know?

[Via jkOTR]